9 Stunning Instagram Feed Ideas For You

Instagram is primarily a visual-based social networking platform, so you need an excellent profile. In saying this, Instagram users tend to favor brands with a well-organized grid over those who post incoherent images and cluttered feeds. For the purposes stated above, we will demonstrate some brilliant Instagram feed ideas for your business.

Horizontal Instagram Feed 

The concept behind this theme is quite straightforward: post three consecutive images showcasing the same objects and aesthetics. How are you going to create this spectacular theme? Are you vague about what you will post? Our recommendation would be to adhere to the principles of traditionalism and simplicity. Also, the horizontal Instagram feed can be very useful if you would like to present your products from many different perspectives.

 Vertical Instagram Feed

Since we have already mentioned horizontal feeds, it would be strange to ignore the magnificent effects of vertical Instagram feed ideas for your business. Many brands employ this grid layout concept, just as Dior does, and take it to another level. The brand’s core quotes should be placed in the center of the design, with dancing colors on the two sides. A brand’s Instagram account is nothing less than a masterpiece when viewed in concert.


¬†This theme best fits the adjectives ‘simple’ and ‘elegant’.¬† This theme is a suitable option if you are affectionate and passionate about your products. To get more engagement for your feed you could buy Instagram likes monthly which delivers prompt and consistent results all the time.

Chessboard Instagram Feed

This theme is technically a theme that allows you to alternate two different themes on your Instagram profile so that when they are displayed, your account looks interesting. If you wish to make your feed look sleek and professional, you may switch between images of products and delicate white backgrounds with relative ease

White border Instagram Feed

White borders provide more space between your Instagram pictures, which is the top trend in today’s world. If you were to outline each picture with a white border, your feed would stand out from the rest.

Dark colors

Darkness is necessary for stars to shine. Therefore, if your products are at their best in the absence of sunlight, you might want to choose dark colors to enhance your Instagram account.

Core colors

A brand can cultivate an Instagram feed that incorporates specific colors simply by defining its core values in a divine manner.

Pastel colors

Pastels are typically associated with joy and delight. Due to this, let us make positive feelings pervade the atmosphere.

Vibrant colors

This Instagram feed is strikingly similar to the pastel theme discussed previously. We have chosen to use colors that are bold and vibrant to make the Instagram feed stand out. There is a good complement between those bold and vibrant colors.

Your carefully selected colors and carefully curated grid layouts are what attract Instagram users’ attention, but it is your content that decides whether you can earn their loyalty. Don’t forget that the image of your brand is extremely important! The Instagram feed that you present to your followers should reflect your brand identity in addition to creative grid layouts and vibrant colors. Instagram is no longer primarily focused on photos. As a result, those who are able to successfully leverage video on this platform will have a higher chance of success.


Instagram is primarily a platform for photos and videos, so the more creative you can get, the better reach you’ll have, and the higher the conversion rate.

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