7 Helpful Tips To Increase Your Engagement On Instagram

On Instagram, it is essential to increase your engagement rate to enhance your content reach. To stay strong on the platform, you need to check your post performance and track your post saves, shares, and comments. Additionally, you can track your Instagram story likes, views, and even DM to understand how your posts are performing. Here are the best seven tips to boost your engagement on Instagram. 

Tip1: Post At The Best Time

Many people are missing their opportunities while posting at the wrong times. You, too, don’t make the same mistake; instead, you can go through the Instagram insights to know when your audience is most active on the platform. Posting content when your audience is most active is the best strategy to win on Instagram. Also, posting content in peak time will help you to get quality likes, views, and comments for your videos.

Tip2: Start Using IGTV

IGTV is one of the best features for sharing long videos on Instagram. Also, it is the perfect place to connect with your potential audience for a long time. To increase your IGTV video engagement, create eye catchy content to reach your target audience and more likes, views, and comments for your videos. To boost your IGTV video comments, you can buy IGTV comments to get instant results for your videos. Use IGTV to share series to attract your audience and increase your channel reach.

 Tip3: Use Stickers Instagram Stories

There are more than 500 million Instagrammers using stories every day. 80% of people like to watch stories from brands on Instagram. One of the best ways to increase your engagement on Instagram is by using stickers in your stories. Here are the few stickers that will boost your story engagement instantly

Question stickers 

Many top brands and influencers are posting question stickers to encourage their audience to interact with them. Posting question stickers offers excellent opportunities for your followers to get more information about your brand. 

Countdown stickers

If you want to increase your sales and get more traffic to your website, post countdown stickers to boost them. If you are launching a new product, you can use these stickers and make your followers more excited.

Tip4: Analyze Trending Content

One of the effective ways to increase your engagement on Instagram is by posting popular content. Instagram is a trending platform filled with trending content so keep an eye on popular content to engage your audience. You can recreate trending content to attract new followers to your Instagram account. 

Tip5: write Longer Captions

You can use 2,200 characters to write Instagram captions for your post. Writing a caption under your post will help people who don’t know what your content is. Many people come to know posts with captions. Write a compelling word in the first two lines and encourage your audience to click read more options to learn more about your post. Additionally, you can use a hashtag in your caption to drive more traffic to your account. 

Tip6: Experiment With Instagram reels

Reels is a new feature launched in 2020 to give brand and content creators great opportunities to expand their business reach. Reels are 15 second short videos, so create catchy content to attract your audience. When you post compelling content, you will get a maximum number of likes, views, and comments for your reels. You can buy Instagram reels likes to increase your likes count and boost your video to go viral on the platform. 

Tip7: Add An Element Of Fun

The regular Instagram post takes some time to go viral on the platform. But funny content helps you to reach more audiences in a short period of time and without spending too much money. Create funny videos and post them in your stories, reels, and IGTV to increase your engagement. Use these helpful tips to boost your engagement rate on Instagram. 

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